What I do

Colour Grade

Using a two-stage process of colour correction & then colour grading I first balance every shot in the film to create consistency, then apply a pre-agreed creative look to the film that supports the emotional journey of your film's story. Leaning on years of experience in film I specialise in giving digital footage a film look that emulates celluloid film stock like Kodak, Fuji and others.


Pre-Production Planning

The look of a film starts long before it goes into colour grade, at the planning phase during pre-production. I love getting involved early on to plan the look of the film and help to guide the production design, wardrobe, props & lighting to ensure that the final look of the film comes together as a whole to support the story.


With the increased use of Computer Graphics & other special effects in the film industry comes the need for even smaller productions to enhance their stories with VisualFX. My service is focussed around colour, green screen keying, tracking & replacement of visual elements and limited 3D.

VisualFX in short films, feature films & commercials is at it's most effective when it isn't obvious, when it doesn't pull the viewer out of the story but works to support it.