In Bluebell Wood – Post Production

In Bluebell Wood – Post Production

More than a year ago I joined the two-person production team, Laura Wilson and Laura Saxon, from Saxon Productions to help realise their dream of making a lovely little short film they had written, called In Bluebell Wood.

They sent me the script and I just fell in love with the story and offered to help them with the production of the short film. At first my role was purely the colour grade and I was interested in reading the script, as I usually am with all my clients, so I can get an idea of what the film would look like... in my head at least. I can't reveal anything of the actual story as I am under an NDA, but it soon became apparent that the approach would need to change in order to get the best look for the film.

We met on video calls (Covid had arrived by this time) and discussed the script. I assisted in the formatting of the script and there were... of course... amendments and rewrites.

In the end we had a plan that we though was doable and earlier this year the film went into production. The shooting schedule was not an easy one and we all... including a large cast of child actors... worked very hard to get it done, but we got it filmed without the loss of any important scenes.

My role on set was DIT but grew to more of a technical 1st AD role by the end of the production. This was not a role I had envisioned filling at the outset, but came as a result of my knowlegde of the script and the clear picture I had in my mind of what the final look of the film should be. The film is now in post-production and I cannot wait to complete the VisualFX and colour grade on it and see the look on my clients' face when they view their film in all it's glory for the first time.

Oh... and did I mention I made an animated logo for Saxon Productions, to be used on the intro scenes of their films?