Award Winning Short Film


Mirror Mirror wins multiple awards

The short film I colour graded has won multiple awards at the prestigious Accolade Global Film Competition including best short film and best director. This is a great honor as Accolades are known for awarding films which has gone on to win Oscars & Emmys featuring work of industry legends such as Ron Howard, Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, Shabana Azami & many more.

The film is extremely creative in it’s story and in the fabulous performance of David Brown-King, who does an excellent job of portraying a young man’s struggle with dissociative identity disorder.

The Producer, Writer-Director and I are over the moon with the success of this film and we are looking forward to seeing what success can be achieved with the next, which is already in the grading room with look-options being developed by yours truly. Onward and upward!